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Dear Restaurants.

Kimoto Glass Shopping Site sells at wholesale unit price to restaurant operators. Please register as a PRO member when you register as a member, and log in after we approve your registration to get the wholesale unit price.

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Glasses are necessary for any restaurant, sushi restaurant, Japanese restaurant, etc. Kimoto Glass's well-designed and easy-to-use glasses are used in a variety of restaurants. Glassware not only changes the appearance of sake, but also has a great influence on the taste and sharpness of sake.

The "Tripling of Sake, Food, and Glass."

It is a new standard of eating style.
Kimoto Glass has over 100 types of sake glasses. We offer glasses for tasting and enjoying various types of sake and glasses that appeal to all five senses.

* Newly adopted by Irodori (Minami-Aoyama)
It has become commonplace to match wine with food.
Nowadays, there are many unique types of sake that can be mixed with a variety of foods, and it is said that there are approximately 20,000 varieties.
Kimoto Glass proposes the use of different types of glasses so that you can enjoy sake with its rich individuality.
We have developed glasses to maximize the enjoyment of sake, including glasses and designs that maximize the taste and aroma, as well as the pre-dinner, mid-dinner, and after-dinner sakes.

Visitors can experience over 100 types of sake glasses.

At the showroom, you can actually experience tasting and selecting glasses using more than 100 types of sake glasses. Sake and a refrigerator are also available.
Please contact us in advance before visiting.

We accept cash, card, and electronic payment (paypay, etc.).

Address: 2-18-17 Kojima, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0056

TEL: 03-3851-9668


Business hours: 9: 00-17: 00 weekdays, closed weekends and holidays

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