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Sake Glass Selection

Kimoto Glass offers a large number of "saké glasses" specially designed for sake.
We have been making glasses for over 130 different kinds of sake.
In response to customers who said, "There are so many varieties, I don't know which one to choose," we have selected glasses based on "5 keywords" according to the taste and type of sake.

We hope you will experience the "Sake Glass" which makes drinking sake more delicious and enjoyable!

"Hana" for enjoying Daiginjo-shu and other types of sake with gorgeous aroma

The shape of the glass is characterized by the curvature of the mouth and the bulge of the glass. The fragrance blossoms when the sake and air mix in the space of the glass. When swirled around, the aroma of the sake stands out even more and can be enjoyed with an elegant appearance.

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"Sou" to match with ginjo-shu and sparkling sake

The delicate mouthfeel of this handmade glassware is created by the hands of skilled glass artisans. The straight and thin shape is calculated to allow the sake to flow down the center of the tongue and down the back of the throat. You will enjoy its refreshing taste.

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"Miyabi" for sake made from Yamahai and Namahashi or Junmai sake with a strong flavor

A German designer has created a stylish design of a traditional sake cup. The large diameter of the sake cup neutralizes the strong aroma of the sake and allows the sake to spread over the entire tongue, allowing the original flavor and lactic acid to be felt more fully.

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"Jun" for mellow-flavored sake such as old sake and sake made from pure sake

The small shape of the glass with its unique bulge allows you to savor the rich flavor of sake a little at a time, and to savor it slowly and carefully. Enjoy the taste of sake that gradually spreads from the tip of the tongue when the glass is tilted to the mouth.

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When in doubt, choose this one! Versatile "Nagomi" type

The colon-like, bulging form allows you to enjoy the balance of the aroma and taste of sake. We also recommend warming sake in your hand to enjoy the change in flavor. The light reflects diffusely on the inner braid, making the sake sparkle.

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