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Sake Glass Selection

"Home drinking" and "online drinking" that make your home time more fulfilling
are already becoming new standards.

Of course, be careful not to drink too much, but it seems that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol has a relaxing effect.
I'm still feeling uncomfortable, but
I want to cherish the time to relax my body and soul.

Kimoto Glass offers a large number of "sake glasses" exclusively for sake.
I'm crazy about making glasses, and the number is over 130.
In response to the voice saying "There are many types and I don't know which one to choose",
Select glasses with "5 keywords" according to the taste and type of sake. Did.

Please enjoy drinking sake at home with "Sake Glass", which makes drinking sake even more delicious and fun!


If you want to enjoy a type of sake with a gorgeous aroma such as Daiginjo sake, "Hana"

It features a curved mouth and a bulging form. The scent blooms as the liquor and air mix in the glass space. Swirling around makes the scent of sake stand out more, and you can enjoy it elegantly.

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If you want to combine Ginjo sake and sparkling sake, "Sou"

A delicate mouthfeel unique to handmade by skilled glass craftsmen. The straight, slender shape is calculated so that liquor flows through the center of the tongue and into the back of the throat. You can enjoy the refreshing taste and taste.

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"Ya" for making mountain abandoned and raw sake and pure rice sake with a solid taste

The traditional shape "Sake cup" has been finished in a stylish design by a German designer. The large caliber moderately neutralizes the unique strong aroma, and the liquor spreads throughout the tongue, allowing you to feel the original taste and lactic acid.

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For sake with a rich taste such as old sake and raw sake, "醇"

The small glass with a unique bulge allows you to taste the rich and delicious sake little by little and slowly. Enjoy the taste of sake that gently spreads from the tip of your tongue when you tilt the glass to your mouth.

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If you get lost, this is it! Universal type "Wa"

The swelling form with a colon allows you to enjoy the balance between the aroma and taste of sake. It is also recommended to warm the sake in your hands and enjoy the change in taste. Light is diffusely reflected on the inner mall, and the sake shines brilliantly.

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