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■ Features of IMMERSION This novel design, which overturns the conventional concept of glass making, was devised by the famous French sommelier Philip Jametz. Since each item is handmade, the number of craftsmen who can make this product in Japan is quite limited even if they make full use of the traditional techniques of Edo glass. The glass craftsmen, Kimoto Glass, Mr. James, and the brewers of the awa Sake Association had many hot discussions, and after a lot of hard work until they were commercialized, the universal form was finally realized. This most beautiful form in the world symbolizes the earth surrounding us, the yin-yang environment, and life. "IMMERSION" means "immersive". A V-line is formed on the bottom of the round glass, and when awa liquor is poured, it forms a balanced vortex in the glass, allowing a vertically descending "immersion" and creating beautiful bubbles. By closing the rim part of the glass lightly, the scent spreads in the glass, and the part that hits the lips is thinly finished, so you can enjoy a delicate taste. As soon as this glass was served on the table, its unique view of the world showed its aura. The silhouette has an outstanding presence and stands out even from a distance, and once you see it, it will be memorable. The thin stem fits well in the hand and is very elegant. In a round glass that resembles a wind chime, the bubbles burst freely and you can enjoy the exquisite spread of flavor. It is recommended to serve stylishly while tilting the glass diagonally.

* This is sold as a set of 6 pieces.

■ Glass size Φ65 * 212 (mm) / 530ml

■ Country of origin Japan

■ Material Soda glass

■ Comes in a vanity case / wrapping is possible Click here for the wrapping page

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