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Edo Kiriko Layered Yarai Bite Beer Pair

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¥22,000 - ¥22,000
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Edo Kiriko designated as a national traditional craft and a traditional craft of Tokyo. It is said that it began in 1834 when Kyubei Kagaya, a bitoroya in Edo Daidenmacho, carved the surface of the glass. The cut is deep and the finish is clear and gorgeous. We have standard patterns among Japanese patterns. It is a gem with a clear delicate craftsmanship that has been handed down from time to time.

■ A word from the store manager The enclosure made by crossing bamboo seen in townhouses is called "Yarai", and it is a pattern born from that image. "Yarai" to protect the house from dirt and scratches has the meaning of protecting yourself from disasters. The thick cut Yarai pattern and the thin cut Yarai pattern are layered to create a deep design. The simple design is recommended as a gift for anyone to give, and also for everyday glasses.

■ Glass size Diameter 58 x height 100 (mm) / capacity 120 mL

■ Country of origin Japan

■ Material Soda glass

■ Comes in a vanity case / wrapping is possible Click here for wrapping page

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